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Experience a breakthrough in healing long-term, persistent
emotional, psychological & relationship problems.

A safe, new effective holistic approach for creating a mature, functional mind.
Succeeds even when talk therapy and prescription medications have failed.

Ridgewood Therapist Announces A Breakthrough In The
Treatment Of Long-Term, Persistent Psychological Problems:
Nurturing The Mind

Dr. Jay Kantor, a Ridgewood, New Jersey therapist and holistic healer, is on a mission to tell long-term sufferers of emotional, psychological, and relationship problems that they can profoundly transform their lives if they are willing to embrace a new therapy, based on a refined understanding of the true nature of the mind.

          Most people – Western health professionals and Eastern meditators included - assume that each person has one personality, which we commonly refer to “I”, “me” or “you”.  We assume that each person experiences the world with one mind.  Dr. Kantor says, “We each have one brain, but the idea that we have only one inner source of thoughts is incorrect.”  Jay continues, “This does not mean that we have multiple personalities, but that our presumed unity of personality actually consists of multiple thinkers (parts), which exist separately from each other.”  These parts are created in the subconscious mind for various reasons, including trauma, and vary by age and level of development. They play different roles in a person’s mind and life.

Most importantly, Jay says, “Any psychotherapy that fails to adequately address each of these parts will not succeed in eliminating the symptoms and problems people bring to therapy.  Psychological and even physical symptoms are actually the reactions that parts of the mind have to what is going on in a person’s life.”  Uncomfortable and disabling symptoms only begin to make sense when you become consciously aware of their origin, both in childhood trauma and as an enduring part of your mind.

Typically, early trauma, in the absence of supportive parents, creates hurt, scared, or angry child parts in a person’s subconscious mind.  Unhealed parts are subject to being painfully reactivated by events later in a person’s life. These parts must be healed – their traumatic thoughts and feelings neutralized - for psychotherapy to be truly effective.

          Dr. Kantor has spent the past twenty years developing an effective means for transforming traumatized parts of the mind.  Jay calls his therapeutic approach Nurturing The Mind.

Clients learn to perceive, nurture, and heal the parts of their mind, which currently generate disturbing emotional, psychological and relationship symptoms.  Nurturing The Mind results in the creation of a mature, functional mind, capable of creating a happy, successful life.  This experiential, short-term therapy has been found effective, even in cases where talk therapy and prescription medications have failed.

          Call Dr. Kantor at 201-461-7347 for a FREE 15 minute consultation.  His office is located at 10 Wilsey Square, Ridgewood, NJ.  For information on Jay’s extensive traditional and alternative training, go to http://DrJayKantor.Com .
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